About Us - House Of Lontos
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House of Lontos is a limited liability company which deals with four different areas of ventures:

* Consulting
* Marketing
* Start-ups
* Art and Event Management

Founded in 2016 with the desire to attract new clients and help small businesses flourish, House of Lontos offers a wide range of services, focusing always on long term growth on every venture we invest in.
In an inclusive environment that values entrepreneurship and innovation, we combine discipline, respect with creativity and vision. With original business ideas that support new business owners and young entrepreneurs, we provide the solutions to your ventures.
We strive to create a positive economic impact and long-term value for all our clientele, leaving our footprint on all the sectors in which we work, through private equity, credit, and capital investments across multiple industries.
Human interaction and personal relationships above all
Building long-term relationships with our investors, clients, and partners, based on loyalty, transparency, respect, dedication, and the highest standards of professionalism
Mutual respect and appreciation of the individual, regardless of gender, age, or cultural background
Operating with timed discipline across multiple industries, providing the necessary resources for success on the basis of excellence and diversification
With a deeply rooted social conscience and a genuine passion for bettering the community we live in, House of Lontos promotes, participates in, and supports numerous initiatives which work towards a sustainable environment, both to live and work in. We believe social responsibility is the key to a better future and believe the positive contribution of companies is vital in shaping the society of tomorrow.