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Giving back

Giving Back

Invest in Life 

Poverty is a serious matter, affecting every country in the world to a certain extent. Typically, the society doesn’t usually talk openly about. Neither so, very few know the reality and the percentage of the unfortunate in their country.

According to the Cyprus Statistical Service, 23,9% of the population are at risk of poverty or social exclusion.
At the House of Lontos, we truly hope that our efforts united, as fellow countrymen, we can bring smiles to many more families in Cyprus.

While the majority of people and businesses were enjoying their sweet treats on Halloween, the House of Lontos decided to share those festive vibes with some of the less fortunate families in Limassol. An assortment of meats, cheeses and vegetables were presented as a humble gift to six underprivileged families in Limassol.


Cyprus Statistical Bureau