Da Vinci in Cyprus ?? - House Of Lontos
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Da Vinci in Cyprus ??

Da Vinci in Cyprus??


#InspirationalFriday – We all know that Cyprus has a great and vast history but few people know that one of the biggest figures and masters of our time, Leonardo Da Vinci, has visited our country in 1481, when he was just 29 years old, the same year he created his own gallery.

Notebooks left by the Renaissance master which include references to Cyprus suggest a visit to the Mediterranean island. Although there does not exist any historical evidence for the visit of Leonardo in Cyprus, the description given in his notes about the beauties of the island, allows us to presume that Leonardo has indeed visited Cyprus.

This presumption is enforced by sources according to which the visit took place in 1481 (during the reign of Katherine Cornaro, queen of Cyprus, who entertained the famous painter. It is said that Leonardo was so much impressed by the Lefkara laces that he took with him one which he offered to be used on the Altar of the Cathedral of Milan and that same legend suggests, but cannot be verified, that it inspired the tablecloth design on The Last Supper painting.

The decoration of the church of Timios Stavros in Lefkara has been compared with the Rosslyn chapel in Scotland, where according with Dan Brown’ book “the Da Vinci Code” the secret of the Holy Grail. The 2 main elements of the Rosslyn chapel that made it famous can also be found in the church at Lefkara. #HouseofLontos