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Tips to avoid the effects of the quarantine

Tips to avoid the effects of the quarantine


Being in quarantine does not entail boredom and inactivity, becoming introvert or antisocial. We spoke with a mental health professional who underlined the importance of self-care during the quarantine and shared tips for safeguarding our mental health, helping us see the advantages, from which individuals can benefit.

Spending quality time with yourself is a privilege which many have been deprived of due to their busy daily routines, namely: working late hours, carrying out obligations, etc.. Coronavirus and measures against its further spreading among people, seem to have led us in an unavoidable contemplation; which might prove to be advantageous. Working out at home, working from home and generally practising inherent talents, such as drawing, dancing, playing musical instruments to mention but a few, constitute a healthy mentality and perhaps guarantee insight into ourselves.

Additionally, social media and the internet thankfully allow us to keep in contact with our loved ones; therefore, we do not have to feel lonely. Despite any drawback and instead of focusing on them, availing ourselves of such once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, should be our main goal.

Better days will come, until then, enjoy!