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Doros Ieropoulos: a true polypragmon

Doros Ieropoulos: a true polypragmon


#InspirationalFriday – Doros Ieropoulos, a true legend of his time! With actions speaking louder than words, the successful businessman and great sportsman is an important figure helped shape the cultural history of Limassol. Today House of Lontos pays tribute to this great personality. Never stop learning and growing!

Doros Ieropoulos is one of the most inspirational personalities that contributed in the progress of Limassol in the recent years. Born on the 11th October 1936, he is not only known for his successful professional career but also for his philanthropic and generous actions. Although he is mostly associated with the Aris Limassol football team, there are many aspects of his life that most of us are not aware of.

He was a great sportsman, fully invested in many athletic activities, particularly football, volleyball, basketball and tennis. A proud Aris football player, when offered a blank cheque to transfer to another team in Greece, he wouldn’t leave Limassol! Doros later served as the Chairman of the Aris Football Team – and is actually their lifelong honorary president. He was also the only Cypriot who played in the National Football team of Lebanon. Alongside with other partners, he founded Limassol Sporting Club, later associated with tennis.   

He was also a very successful businessman, especially in the maritime sector where he served as the Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the Cyprus Port Authority for many years.

His involvement in aviation was also important, as he was a Member of the Board of Cyprus Airways at the time the National Carrier thrived.   

Until 2011, he held the position of the Honorary Consul General of Sri Lanka in Cyprus. He also served as the Chairman of the Cyprus National Boy Scout Council after being a member from the age of 7.

Doros has also contributed in the establishment of many cultural institutions as we know them today.

Few people know that Doros Ieropoulos is

– One of the first Wine Festival creators and a Limassol Carnival establisher and long life supporter

– He is also one of the radio channel’s ‘Kanali 6’ founders

– Rotary Club’s prestigious and active member

– In 1988 he helped found the theatrical group ETHAL where he served as a chairman as well.

– Doros was Chairman of the Limassol National Theatre and the Coordinating committee of  Limassol Cultural Associations

– He was the first chairman of the Cultural Services of Limassol

– A member of the board of the Cultural Services of Cyprus

Limassol city honored Doros Ieropoulos for his lifelong contribution last week.

As a minimum appreciation and recognition towards this great personality, the mayor gave Doros Ieropoulos the silver emblem of the Municipality of Limassol.

He is a true inspirational figure, a man who devoted himself to the progress of his hometown.