Revival of the old 'Pantopoulio' - House Of Lontos
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Revival of the old ‘Pantopoulio’

Revival of the old ‘Pantopoulio’


#InspirationalFriday – You too have noticed that the city centre of Limassol has been revived lately, bringing back memories from a different era and becoming a meeting point for the young generations. The so-called ‘Pantopoulio’, that many know its existence, but few know its history and its importance, is located at the heart of the city center as well.

Built in 1917 at a time when Limassol was expanding rapidly, with a population of more than 10 000 and boundaries that were extending up to Gladstonos street, locals were in need of a contemporary Municipal Market. Zacharias Vondas, the architect created a majestic building, boasting a floor area of 3000 square meters, that became the real jewel of the town and a vivid meeting point for the people of Limassol.

Until the 70s, ‘Pantopoulio’ was considered the place to be, where people would come together, even from neighbouring villages with organised buses, to buy fresh, locally grown produce. People who lived its former glory, remember going to the ‘Pantopoulio’ as the major event of their week. ‘Pantopoulio’ is still “the place where you can find anything you want” for older generations.

Nowadays, the market opens daily and also houses some cultural and artistic events. In an attempt to inaugurate a new era for the area, the Tender Committee of Limassol organised a contest for the management of the Municipal Market, which was won by Alexandrou Corporate Services, AR Consulting and Prosperity Group. We wait to see if during this new era, ‘Pantopoulio’ will live up to its history #HouseOfLontos