The first and only Cypriot gold medal winner: Ioannis Fragkoudis - House Of Lontos
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The first and only Cypriot gold medal winner: Ioannis Fragkoudis

The first and only Cypriot gold medal winner: Ioannis Fragkoudis


#InspirationalFriday We all know about the Olympic Games and their impact worldwide. There are thousands of great athletes that have participated in the biggest international sporting event from the antiquity until today.

One of those great athletes is the first and only Cypriot gold medal winner. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about him. Ioannis Fragkoudis, born in 1863 of Cypriot origin, more specifically from Limassol, graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy. Through his military studies, he came into contact with shooting and later on, he grew an interest in the sport.

Frangkoudis was the captain and standard-bearer of the Cypriot team in the first international
Olympic Games held in modern history in 1896 with the Greek delegation. Since Cyprus was not an independent country at that time, its athletes participated with the Greek delegation.

Fragkoudis not only won the Gold medal in the Shooting sport of 25 meter rapid fire pistol, but also the Silver medal in the 300 meter free rifle and Bronze medal in the 30 meter free pistol, becoming the only Cypriot athlete to win 3 medals in the Olympic Games. It was an amazing and easy victory for Fragkoudis as his talent stood out from the very beginning.

The Cypriot gold medal winner was also a military officer and served in the guard of King George A’. He was actually the one that captured the assassin of the King in Thessaloniki, in 1913. In 1916, he died in USA at the age of 53 while he was on a Military mission.

Today House of Lontos pays tribute to our very own Gold medal Olympian, hoping to inspire young generations to fight for their dreams and try to conquer the world. #HouseofLontos